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book-british-comingThe British Are Coming
5 Years that Changed the World

By Jon Washington

The British Are Coming is a true account of the events leading up to the British musical invasion of America 1964 – 1969.

Jon Washington started his musical career in 1962 in England. He has been a successful recording artist, song writer and author for the past fifty years. The British Are Coming is his third book depicting the behind-the-scenes world of the volatile music business.


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The Lost Heros of Rock ‘n Roll

By Jon Washington

Writing this book (for me) has been a labor of love. Ever since Rosemary Gardener dropped off her record collection at my house back in the 1950’s, Rock ‘n Roll music has consumed a large part of my life. The people who spearheaded the music that changed the world deserve the recognition and the thanks of the entire ‘Baby Boom’ generation. Some of the artists whose stories are told in this book suffered from more than their fair share of human frailties, but the unfailing commitment to their music far outweighs the way they chose to live their lives.

Without those visionary and, sometimes eccentric, people Rock ‘n Roll music would never have happened, and, we as a generation, would be forever stuck in the grey “Father Knows Best – Leave It To Beaver” netherworld of the bland, middle-class 1950’s. We should all be profoundly grateful for the shot of adrenaline, kick in the ass music that propelled us headlong into the ongoing musical saga of Flower Power, MTV, Heavy Metal and the New-Wave era. Without the contribution of these groundbreaking pioneers, all we know today of the Rock ‘n Roll experience would not have been possible.

It is my sincere hope that the true stories contained within this book will instill a desire in the musicians of today to find out more about their predecessors who were forerunners in the Rock ‘n Roll revolution. In the early days, the establishment reviled Rock ‘n Roll music. The politicians of the time, and even the church, renounced the new music and fought bitterly to stamp out the first stirrings of the Rock ‘n Roll consciousness. It is only through the efforts and the tenacity of the few Rock ‘n Roll innovators that today’s young musicians are able to make a living in their chosen profession.

This book is dedicated to the men and women, songwriters and performers of the early Rock ‘n Roll era. They may be lost, but they will never be forgotten. They will remain in our hearts forever, the lost heroes of Rock ‘n Roll.

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book-fire-withinThe Fire Within
True stories of tragedy in the British Rock ‘n’ Roll experience

By Jon Washington

The Fire Within chronicles the life and times of ten British Rock ‘n Roll personalities. The book will take the reader on a virtual tour of life behind the closed doors of the little- knowing world of the music-making machine. Shocking in its stark portrayal of life, just out of the peripheral vision of the music press and the misinformed tabloid magazines, Jon Washington provides insights that only an inner circle observer would be privy to.

Not only does The Fire Within paint a vivid picture of the driven and tenacious qualities that make up the rock-star persona, it also provides a textbook overview of how to avoid the many snares and pitfalls that await the aspiring new arrivals on the highly-competitive music scene.

The encapsulated life stories contained within the pages of The Fire Within are all true; the personal and business tragedies that befell the people in the book are well documented in the annuls of rock ‘n roll history. Washington brings to the reader a hitherto undocumented personal account of what really happened to people driven by blind ambition and gives credence to the timeworn phrase, “how great the cost.”

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