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cd-the-rain-treeThe Rain Tree
Jon Washington

  1. The Rain Tree 
  2. Reno On My Mind 
  3. Love At First Sight 
  4. Jesse James 
  5. Kissing Paradise Goodbye 
  6. I Don’t Say Much 
  7. Smoking Gun 
  8. I’m Out of Here 
  9. Redneck Girl 
  10. I Will Always Be Here for You


cd-hell-never-love-youHe’ll Never Love You Like I Do
Jon Washington

  1. If I Ever Give My Heart Away Again
  2. Faith in Human Nature
  3. You Lose
  4. Hot Rod Hearts
  5. He’ll Never Love You Like I Do
  6. Last Time I Held You in My Arms
  7. I Could Have Touched the Sky
  8. April and Alice
  9. What Were You Thinking
  10. Faith in Human Nature (A Cappella)


cd-countryhitsGreatest Country Hits
Jon Washington

  1. One Dance Love Affair 
  2. Two Hearts 
  3. You’re Gonna Miss Me 
  4. Lady of the Evening 
  5. I’d Give It All 
  6. I’ve Bin Driving 
  7. Bet Your Sweet Love 
  8. I Can Feel the Love Coming On 
  9. Rainy Day Feeling 
  10. If Looks Could Kill



I Can Feel The Love Comin’ On
Jon Washington

  1. I Can Feel The Love Comin’ On
  2. You’re Gonna Miss Me
  3. I’ll Love You All Over
  4. One Dance Love Affair
  5. Bet Your Sweet Love On Me
  6. Two Hearts 
  7. Rainy Day Feelin’
  8. I’ve Been Driving
  9. He’ll Never Love You Like I Do


cd-fortunes-livefromlvLive From Las Vegas
Jon Washington’s Sounds of the Fortunes

  1. Higher & Higher
  2. Street Corner Serenade
  3. Zoot Suit Riot
  4. Gimme Some Lovin
  5. Four Season’s Medley
  6. Jump Jive & Wail
  7. Love Train
  8. If I Ever Give My Heart
  9. Faith In Human Nature
  10. I’d Give It All
  11. The Last Time I Held You In My Arms
  12. I Could Have TouchedThe Sky
  13. You Lose


Jon Washington’s Sounds of the Fortunes

  1. Grazin In The Grass
  2. Happy Together
  3. Rainy Day Feelin’
  4. You’ve Got Your Troubles
  5. Same Old Feeling
  6. Seasons In The Sun
  7. The “Beatles”
  8. Everlasting Love
  9. The “Four Tops”
  10. The “Temptations”
  11. Kiss Him Goodbye


cd-aj-hitsandmoreThe Hits and More
The Applejacks

  1. Tell Me When 
  2. Three Little Words 
  3. I Go to Sleep 
  4. Bye Bye Girl 
  5. You’ve Been Cheating 
  6. Baby’s in Black 
  7. Looking for a Girl Like You 
  8. Love Was in My Eyes 
  9. Like Dreamers Do 
  10. There Goes My Girl